Nikolay Dimitrov – Photographer, Web Developer, Visual Creator

Nikolay Dimitrov photographerMy main interests are software development and photography – portrait and advertising being my favorites. I love to shoot landscapes and wild nature photos.
I run an online shop for metal detectors and this is my main source of income in  the past 9 years. The shop requires almost no time, so I have many other activities: I create custom websites for demanding businesses – using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL/PostgreSQL, CSS3, HTML5 and work on graphic design projects for web and print (using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), my knowledge on color management systems, photo editing and prepress principles help me to achieve great looking prints for my clients.
I am currently learning Python in SoftUni – Sofia, Bulgaria. Will soon recreate this website with Django (or FastAPI) since I am not a huge fan of the CMS systems and their preset templates.

Speaking languages:
– English
– French

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