CaptureOne 6 released, some bugs found

I have installed CaptureOne 6 right after it was available for download.
The new version of the best (in my opinion) RAW converter has many new exciting features, such as masking and local adjustments, new perspective correction tools, new style presets, black-and-white conversion panel and some other…
Well, this sounds very good, but after playing a couple of hour with CapturOne 6, I decided to continue using the old 5.2 version. And here is why:
First to mention: I use an iMac with Intel processor and Snow Leopard, with attached secondary NEC MultiSync 2690WUXi2 display. I use a WACOOM tablet too.
The new version of CaptureOne is designed to be a true 64bit application and to use the graphic card processor to speed-up the rendering processes. But when I work on my second display (which is in fact the main), the adjustment sliders behave very strange: when I select and drag a slider, I see no change on the image – I see the change after I deselect the slider. This is very frustrating and absolutely annoying, and I find I just can’t work this way.
Another strange bug: when I use the tablet, I can’t select some of the instruments, such as Crop, Hand and Straighten. I have to switch to the mouse to be able to use these instruments.
After noticed these bugs, I immediately switched back to the smoothly running 5.2 version – it works with no flaws with the second display and the tablet.
I hope the next version 6.1 will be corrected and I will spend these 69 Euros to upgrade :-)

PS: There is 5.2.1 version, but it also contain a posterization bug with files from Nikon D3x, so I still use 5.2.

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