Latest photos of Pavlina

These are 6 photos from my latest 1-hour test shoot with Pavlina Atanassova from VISAGES agency.

I was hoping to get some nice lighting on location, using two SB-800 flashes with remote triggers, but I ended up using one flash with box umbrella hold by the boyfriend of Pavlina, since I was in a hurry and forgot the stand heads in the studio. Using the assistant, I couldn’t rise-up the light high enough to obtain what I needed as light direction. Despite the problem, I was able to obtain some good images. Not what I initially wanted, but quite acceptable.

First three in color. These were shot using the PC Micro Nikkor 85/2.8 – one of my favorite Nikkor lenses.

And three more in B&W. These were shot using the AF-S Nikkor 70-200/2.8G, all at the widest aperture setting, first two at 200mm and the last one at 70mm.

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