Mac vs. PC – my experience

I was a Windows user for a decade and some more years. Last year I discovered the world of Mac. I have a MacBookPro 17″ laptop and after some months of usage I think I’ll never go buying a PC again…

Why? Because PC always tend to fall down, the operating system is a mess and needs very much of attention and maintenance to work. My Adobe CS4 programs run flawlessly on the Mac and on Win they always have small, but very annoying faults, that are cutting my nerves every single day. For example, a simple transform action very often causes Photoshop to freeze and stop responding. I need to shut it down through the Task Manager and I loose any unsaved information.

Things go further with CaptureOne Pro – a very nice and capable software, but it has been written mainly for Mac and has limited functionality on Windows – for example, I can’t delete folders. And many more… Bug on WinXP: If I move to another folder more than 1 image, I always receive an error message and the last of the selected photos won’t go to the new folder. If I retry, C1 tells me that “The destination folder already contains a file named bla-bla-bla”. I replace it and it’s OK, but this is ridiculous! This never happens on the Mac – programs run as flawlessly as you can expect it to be on a Mac.

The only software that runs better on Windows is Canon’s DPP (Digital Photo Professional) – it generates photos’ thumbs slower on the Mac than on the PC.

Have I told that a 2.5Ghz Core2Duo MacBook Pro with 4Gb of RAM and SnowLeopard runs faster with many photography and graphics software than a workstation PC with 3.2Ghz C2D, 4Gb RAM and XP SP3…

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