Free Capture One Styles

Capture One PRO is my favorite RAW processing software. It allows complete control of a RAW file, works with RAW files from many common cameras and works fast.

With styles, you can work even faster and achieve custom results as fast as you can click on the Styles tab. This is absolutely great and time-saving, and that’s why professionals love Capture One PRO.

Working with C1 PRO, I’ve made some custom styles that I often use in my photography workflow. And I want to share with you 5 of my style presets – the ones I use most often. These are 2 Landscape and 3 Portrait styles. Of coarse, you can experiment using these on all kind of photos, and you will find that landscape styles work fine on portrait photos and vice versa. There are no any limitations and fortunately, with C1 you can preview the effect of a style very fast – simply with positioning the cursor on the style name.

Here are some samples I made for you to see how these styles work on two different type of photographs – a landscape and a portrait.

free styles for capture one pro - landscape
click for full-size
free styles for capture one pro - portrait
click for full-size

As you can see, the results are interesting, and most important – achieved only with a mouse click.

I recommend to start with adjusting the exposure, white balance and levels, then apply the desired style. You can make further adjustments of the photo, if necessary.

Download all styles in single ZIP archive

The ZIP archive contains the Capture One styles and a text file with simple instructions on how to install.


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