CaptureOne Pro 5.1 available for download

The new version of CaptureOne Pro is here – 5.1.

It has many improvements and some brand new features.
This is what the Release Notes said:

New features:
• New spot type ideal for removing imperfections in images.
• New advanced noise reduction tool.
• Multiline fields the metadata tool.
• New metadata fields including GPS information in the metadata tool.
• New advanced recipe options controlling what metadata are included in processed files.
• New preference determining how to handle conflicting metadata during load.
• New inverse color slice feature in the color editor.
• New preference to disable JPEG/TIFF editing.
• New auto and style selector items for the toolbar.
• New size options for the focus and process recipes tool.
• Aspect ratios available directly from the crop cursor tool.
• New welcome screen.
• New option for naming without appending numbers.
• Customizable toolbar on Windows (already on Mac).
• New Auto Pause option to determine how auto selection of images works during capture.
• New Importer option for setting when to select import folder or to notify upon completion.
• Capture One gains basic color editor, clarity tool, full metadata editing and predefined

• Workspaces now including the toolbar configuration.
• Clarity tool now allowing negative clarity values useful for portrait work.
• Streamlined Edit All Selected replaces old Edit Primary feature.
• Sorting now including sort by process state and smarter sorting by name.
• Better performance when selecting a recent folder and doing freehand rotation of images.
• Generally improved interactive speed.
• Fixed issue with tethered capture on 64-bit versions of Windows if the computer has 4GB or
more installed memory.
• Improved colors for Phase One P65+ and P40+.
• EIP support for all supported RAW files types.
• A number of other enhancements and bug fixes.

Additional camera tethered support:
• Leaf Aptus II 10, Aptus II 7, Aptus II 6, Aptus II 5 (all preliminary on Windows)
• Leaf Afi II 10, Afi II 7, Afi II 6 (all preliminary on Windows)
• Leaf Aptus 75S, Aptus 65S, Aptus 54S (all preliminary on Windows)
• Leaf Afi 7, Afi 6, Afi 5 (all preliminary on Windows)
• Leaf Aptus 75, Aptus 65, Aptus 22, Aptus 17 (all preliminary on Windows)
• Canon 1D Mark IV, 7D
• Nikon D3s

Additional camera file support:
• Leaf Aptus II 8 (preliminary)
• Leaf Aptus 75S, Aptus 65S, Aptus 54S
• Leaf Afi 7, Afi 6, Afi 5
• Leaf Aptus 75, Aptus 65, Aptus 22, Aptus 17
• Canon 1D Mark IV
• Nikon D3s
• Sony Alpha DSLR-A500, DSLR-A550

You can learn more about the new release at:

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