Dimana – fashion shoot in town

Well, I know I am late with this post, many of you have already seen these pictures on my Facebook or Flickr accounts, but better late than never. I am now posting here some of the best photos from the in-town fashion shooting with the young model Dimana kafedzhieva. Camera was a Nikon D3x, lens was (generally) 70-200/2.8VRII, I’ve used also up to three SB strobes with or without different kind of lighting umbrellas.

Click the photos to view larger sizes!

fashion shooting for model book

fashion shoot in town

Fashion model shoot

editorial photography in town

Black and White fashion photography

Fashion editorial shooting

fashion girl posing behind an old arch

Beauty model posing in fashion robe

Fashion photography retouched

Black and White fashion photo

fashion photo model in front of old door

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