Finally got that Nikon D3x

Well, I’ve sold all my Canon gear and switched to Nikon.

My Canon 1Ds mk2 was a great camera, it served me well for 2 years, but the Nikon D3x is a superior camera in any aspect.

Many fellows asked me: Why?! Well, it’s complex, but the main reason is the greater dynamic range of the Nikon. Also, I find the Nikon to be much more comfortable to work with – I have all main controls on buttons and I don’t have anymore to rummage through all these functions in the camera menu.

And the lenses… I have had many replacements of wide angle Canon lenses and they were always the same – awful wide-open and bad to acceptable stopped down to f8 or even f11 and above. But never perfect. The Nikkor 14-24/2.8 lens is amazingly sharp even wide open, and once you stop down to f5.6 it turns just stellar. And it’s a zoom.

Well, I somehow miss one Canon lens – the EF135/2L USM. This was a perfect lens for portrait and landscape work, and I regret it is absent in the Nikon lens range. There is of coarse the Nikkor 135/2, but it’s an old optical design and does not work as well as the Canon.

Here is an example with the PC Micro Nikkor 85/2.8, an old lens that works fine even with the demanding sensor of the D3x.

Nikon D3x sample

More to come soon. I am shooting now and will share my impressions in a couple of days. I’ll upload some full-resolutions samples as soon as I have the time to do it.

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